Downsizing… Rightsizing… New Career… Half Retired… Second Chapter… Recent Graduate… Returning to Workforce… GIG Economy… Employee… Business Owner… Independent Contractor… Entrepreneur… Succession…

No matter the circumstances, CONVEX Leadership’s proprietary Instant Impact™ approach helps companies and people write the next chapter in their organizational structure or individual career path.

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Instant Impact™ Corporate Services

We’ve all heard the expression: Don’t burn bridges. When companies change their course and people lose their jobs, it’s important to minimize disruption and maintain bridges—in both directions.

The Employee Exit:

During organizational direction changes, it’s crucial that employee exits are conducted in a firm but respectful manner—one that engenders a continued rapport and transforms former employees into loyal lifetime customers. The proper separation experience can make all the difference. Our Instant Impact™ Corporate Services provides clients with the best opportunity for well-understood and managed change.

Non-Affected Employees

Just as important, remaining employees must be assured of their part in the future plan, their place in the organization. They must be provided support to process and respond to changes in structure and leadership.

Our Instant Impact™ Corporate Services provides customized sets of services tailored specifically to the needs of each organization and their people, including:

  • Assistance in planning workforce reductions and notification processes
  • Outplacement services for affected employees including resume, interview, and social networking preparation
  • Separation planning, documentation, budgeting, and follow up.
  • Optimized processing for affected employees
  • Follow up communications planning
  • Change management leadership programs
  • Team development before, during, and following the company restructure.

Instant Impact™ Individual Services

Because every person has a story, and every story deserves an audience, our Instant Impact™ Individual Services were designed to help people returning to the workforce, writing their next chapter, or simply searching for new opportunities:

  • Build your plan for your future—your next chapter—employment, community action, teaching, mentoring; full time, part time, GIG, half retired
  • Build an Instant Impact™ resume/CV or executive bio customized to your needs, career, and business/industry type
  • Accelerate your search plan
  • Access the best of your network
  • Maximize social media to your professional advantage

These services are individually priced based on scope and level.

Ideally, the employees who leave will say, “I lost my job, but I was treated with dignity; I lost my job, but I am still their customer.”