Are you about to promote a new leader, or hire a new leader from outside the organization? How can you be sure your leader will be successful?

Are you a new CEO with challenges forming a replacement leadership team? How can you create a high-performing team? What defines the high-performance team?

Do you have a new group reporting to you and something in the teamwork is missing?

CONVEX Leadership’s proprietary and customized Leadership programs bring clarity and focus for team growth.

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What is Leadership?

Gather twenty people in a room and ask each individual to identify a single essential element of Leadership excellence, and there will likely be at least a dozen different and accurate descriptions. Leaders are not born, they develop through challenge, opportunity and formal assessment and training. Our assessment, coaching and training plans help create leaders who:

  • Create visions for their business
  • Define strategies to achieve success
  • Build cultures to meet challenges head-on (it’s been said culture eats strategy!)
  • Inspire others to follow them into a foxhole

At CONVEX Leadership, our proprietary leadership development seminars and sessions help leaders and teams find their path to peak performance. Our proven method integrates individual and team assessments, providing both one-on-one and group coaching sessions to optimize success and minimize the inevitable disruption that comes from strategies that fail to launch.

We help corporate and non-profit clients identify their trajectory to success and build the roadmap to achievement!