Stand Out from Your Competition with an Impactful Personal Brand

In business, branding creates an authentic and lasting personal connection between an end consumer and a company, product or service. It is accomplished  through consistent and visible promotion of a name, logo, and tagline or message. Building a competitive edge, brand equity drives value– growth in revenue and earnings.

Individual branding achieves the same goals—increasing your personal value within the job marketplace and driving an authentic and lasting impression with recruiters, prospective employers, clients, customers and colleagues.

In our experience, there are six important elements to creating your personal brand:

  1. Be thoughtful and honest about your strengths, abilities and accomplishments. It is important t present your best self, and to be able to back up any statement you make with factual examples.
  2. Do some soul searching to define and clarify your passions, differentiators and areas where you excel
  3. Know what you don’t know and do something about it. Use your personal brand-building as an opportunity to explore the areas where you know you need development. And, plan how to learn and grow to lessen your areas of weakness.  Companies enhance their brands through innovation and renovation. Do the same with your own personal development so that your brand continues to matter.
  4. Continuously nurture your brand. Establish a strong reputation for integrity and accountability and people will trust what you say and what you do. Be the brand that does the right thing when everyone is watching and no one is looking.
  5. Grow and meet emerging markets—the windshield is far bigger than the rearview mirror. Be prepared by knowing your market strength, developing new capability and therefore enhancing your brand.
  6. Find your passion, know your purpose and share it through your brand.

Today’s business world is more complex than ever. Navigating new methods of networking, making certain you are ready for the next opportunity requires attention to personal visibility and knowing how to showcase your unique abilities. Let CONVEX Leadership help meet your professional goals with an impactful personal branding message that sets you apart from the rest. Contact CONVEX Leadership today for an introductory coaching session.

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