5 Reasons to Hire a Career Coach

Whether you’re at the beginning, middle or near the end of your career, it is likely there is a time when you want to make a change or realize you need some direction. While you may have mentors with advice on particular situations, or others’ tricks online, these resources won’t provide you with the long-term benefits of a career coach.

A career coach helps you develop your personal roadmap to achieve your professional goals. The coach is a guide on your journey to create your personal path, in much the same way as you might seek professional assistance in other areas of your life.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a career coach is an investment with a strong potential return:

  1. Customized help: the career coach works with you based on your skills, experience, and objectives; it’s not a cookie-cutter approach, but a customized one
  1. New strategies and ideas: if you aren’t sure what path to take in your career, a career coach can help you cultivate your dream; there’s much clarity with a fresh, new perspective
  1. Coaching makes you a more desirable candidate: maybe you’re out of practice for interviewing or need to work on your confidence; a career coach will help you prepare so that you “wow” every potential employer
  2. Career transitions: if you are launching a new career, then working with a professional coach provides mind-space and a method to develop a strategy on how to establish credibility and connections in your new industry
  1. A sounding board: if you aren’t sure how to handle tough questions in interviews or need a qualified opinion on which job offer you should accept, your career coach will help you develop the tools you need to make smart choices that align with your roadmap.

Deciding to work with a career coach could be a fundamental choice that lifts you from a “job” to a true career. If you’re ready to envision your next chapters, hiring your personal career coach is an investment in yourself–with a great payoff.

One more thing: there are many coaches to choose from. An important differentiator to consider is whether the coach you are hiring is certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF).  The certification is the gold standard and means your coach has been formally trained and follows an established set of ethics.

Here at CONVEX Leadership, our ICF-certified coaches guide and encourage clients through stimulating and inspiring coaching conversations, smooth and straightforward business transition services, and sessions specifically created to develop high performing leaders and teams. Take the first step by contacting us today to learn more about our career coaching services.

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